Another innovation from Carbodeon!

We are proud to announce the launch of uDiamond® Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel

This is the first product in a line of application specific NanoDiamond materials that Carbodeon is developing and launching on the market.  Historically, nanomaterials have been developed and classified according to their properties, leaving customers the difficult task of selecting the materials and adapting them to their applications.   Now Carbodeon is taking the direction of investing in application knowledge by having our own plating lab, developing and optimising new nanomaterials to suit real applications, and making them available on the market.

uDiamond® Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel is the result of two years of development and testing including use of the material within several industrial trials.  The key benefits of this material, in electroless nickel plating, are:

  • Easily dispersed into the plating solution
  • Increases wear resistance of electroless nickel plating by over 200%
  • Retains or reduces friction properties 
  • Does not compromise anticorrosion properties, ductility etc
  • Can be heat treated for even greater results
  • Works on low phos, medium phos and high phos electroless nickel
  • Delivers substantial performance improvements at very low concentrations, very economic
  • Patented product and application

For more information, see our Metal plating & anodising or see the product page uDiamond® Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel

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